I have extensive experience as a chairman, moderator, presenter and debate leader for organizations such as RIVM (National Institute for Public Health), WUR, the Center for Population Screening, Trimbos Institute, Platform for Animal Husbandry and Human Health, NCOH, the University of Twente, Roessingh and Health Valley. I am happy to be your thoroughly prepared chairman with deft journalistic skills and a feeling for the representative function and possibly also the festive character of the day.

Often my task starts months in advance. Most clients ask me to actively think along about the core and purpose of the event, the precise content, choices of speakers and themes of debates, the methods of interviewing and how we can actively involve the audience.

Besides Dutch I speak fluent English and German. Some of my recent symposia with large audiences are: National Security Profile Congress, Knowledge Platform for Animal Husbandry and Human Health, the ESBLAT symposium and the English-language Global One Health Congress. For RIVM, for example, I presented a 1-hour TV program (webcast) about the introduction of the bowel cancer screening program.

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