As a journalist and television reporter for the leading Dutch current affairs programs Nieuwsuur and Network at the Dutch Public Broadcaster (NPO), I covered hundreds of stories in the Netherlands and abroad on a wide range of topics: from British and German elections to the tsunami in Sri Lanka, the war in Afghanistan and the cartoon crisis in Denmark. I researched and published about politics, economics, disasters, art, science, justice, defense, welfare and care. My journalistic work includes around 150 scoops.

Over the past decades, I have continuously developed my skills in researching, interviewing, writing, presenting and telling crystal clear professional stories.

Since 2008, I have been using this broad knowledge and experience to run my own company as a media trainer, chairman of symposia, communication professional, journalism teacher, film producer and film teacher.

I completed a university degree in public administration and international relations and obtained a postgraduate degree in journalism.

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