In the media you want to tell your story as effectively as possible. In case of good and of bad news. I help you with your contacts with the press and produce all the services and products you need for your effective professional communication.

How do your stories make it to the news?

I scan your organization and projects for newsworthy items and get you in touch with the appropriate media. And I also teach you how to do this yourself faster, better and with a higher return. I help with media and presentation training, planning news and (teaching to) write and distribute effective press releases. For 15 years I have been carrying out these activities with considerable spin-off for, among others, RIVM, Defence, Maastricht University, RegMed XB, Tennet, the Province of Limburg, MERLN (UM), University of Twente (the science editors and all faculties and institutes), Technical Medicine, AMC, Sigma Screening, Tactus Addiction Care, Trimbos and HALT.

Crises and bad news

Of course I am also available for support or an assessment of a difficult situation. A crisis or bad news will not necessarily damage reputations. Good preparation for critical, offensive interviews in which you learn to explain your side of the matter calmly and clearly with extra attention will help a lot.

For organizations that deal with sensitive issues and the pressures of journalism on a regular basis, I recommend a complete crisis training where we go step-by-step through a carefully prepared and plotted script that comes frighteningly close to a potential real life incident. Hopefully it never happens…But if it does, you’re prepared.

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